4 Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

When it comes to Australian summer survival, a good quality home cooling system is essential.  It adds value to your home and offers relief for your family when the temperature spikes.  Suitable for the hot, dry summers that we experience in Victoria, evaporative cooling systems provide an environmentally friendly and affordable solution to cool down your home, but the benefits don’t stop there.


A key advantage of evaporative cooling is its simple mechanical system that doesn’t cost a bomb to run. With only a fan and water pump to power, this straightforward operation provides an inexpensive cooling option for your home in contrast to older and less effective cooling systems. By using substantially less power to run your evaporative system, you will cool your house down while saving money on your electricity bill.

Air Quality

Forget stale air from an old AC unit. One of the major advantages of an evaporative cooling system is that it delivers fresh, clean and cool air to the atmosphere every time. The outdoor unit circulates outside air and filters out the harmful dust and allergens to release clean air indoors. This is an especially practical solution for those who suffer from airborne allergies as you find an overall improvement in the air quality of your home.

Good for the planet

Leave your carbon footprints behind as one of the major benefits of evaporative cooling is the energy-efficient system. As the system uses natural processes to cool the air with no chemicals involved, it emits less carbon dioxide meaning a healthier you and a healthier planet. Plus, with lower electricity needs, and potentially fewer fossil fuels to power the electricity, that’s another win for the planet.

Open house

One of the best benefits of an evaporative cooling system is the ability to leave some windows and/or doors open. The system requires an open-source of air to create airflow, allowing hot air trapped inside to escape. The benefit of this is that you can extend your cooling space to include outdoor areas like the alfresco, which gives you the opportunity to utilise that space more in the hot months.

Time to cool down?

At North West Heating and Cooling, we believe that every home should have an affordable cooling solution to provide comfort all year round. We have a team of experienced installers who can provide advice so you can choose the right cooling system for your home. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you.