5 Key Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating

As you are building your new home there are lots of heating and cooling options to choose from. Gas ducted heating is one of the most sophisticated heating options available to Australian homes. It is also one of the most popular options to install in your new home and there’s no surprise as to why as there are a range of benefits to installing gas ducted heating.

What is Gas Ducted Heating

Gas Ducted Heating circulates warm air throughout your home via ducts installed in the roof or floor of your home. It utilises an internal heating unit to heat air from the outside and insulated ducts to deliver the air to all rooms of your home. Unlike other systems, it is fairly easy to use as it is all controlled from a single control unit located inside your home and uses smart technology to shut off when the home is completely heated.

Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating

1. Reliable All Year Round

Gas ducted heating is one of the most resilient heating systems that works efficiently in all weather conditions. One of the biggest advantages in being reliable year-round is that the system won’t use more energy than necessary in cooler months. This could save you money compared to other heating methods. It also means your heating system will keep your home cosy.

2. Provides clean allergen-friendly air

With poor quality air, people with allergies and asthma can experience heightened symptoms so it is incredibly important that your air system produces clean, high-quality air. With gas ducted heating, all air is passed through an internal combustion system and additional filter which can be accessed and cleaned easily. This means that your air is never dry, smelly or contains fumes that can be harmful to your loved ones. To ensure the air quality’s longevity we also recommend annual carbon monoxide servicing.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

As all of the air is passed through ducts, gas ducted heating is barely noticeable in a home. This gives you more wall space for photos and artwork. It will also add value to your home when choosing to sell because of its efficiency and smart technology.

4. Cost-Effective

Many Australians opt-out of adding heating systems to their home because of the cost – either they are too expensive to install or the running costs are expensive. Gas ducted heating systems are different. It generally doesn’t take more than a day to install and they are both efficient at heating your home and environmentally friendly.

When you select your gas ducted heating system you can choose the energy rating which will determine how cost-effective your system is once installed. It also is incredibly efficient and cost-saving if the filters are kept clean which we recommend you do every six months.

5. Whole-Home Comfort

With a central distribution point, it is not hard to heat your whole home and provide even air distribution. Unlike split systems, it is even easier to choose how you heat your home. The zoning technology allows you to decide which rooms are heated and when

Let Us Help You 

As you are planning your next home, don’t overlook your heating and cooling. Give us a call for professional advice, planning and installation of your gas ducted heating system. At North West we pride ourselves on providing excellent service and affordable air solutions for homes across the Geelong region.