7 Reasons why you need a high wall split system 

Deciding on an air conditioning system can be tricky. There are many things you need to consider and a high wall split system. It is sometimes unfairly dismissed even when it would be the perfect fit for certain homes. Here are 7 reasons why we believe you should choose a high wall split system.

What is a high wall split system?

A high wall split system is generally referred to as a split system and utilises air movement to facilitate comfort. Mounted on a high wall, it has similar qualities to an evaporative cooling system and is generally a preferred air conditioning system for homeowners with closed-off living spaces. It is ideal for smaller homes, apartments and offices because it has an indoor and outdoor unit connecting easily to pipes and electricity and doesn’t take up valuable window space.

We offer a range of high wall split systems from brands such as ActronAir, Fujitsu, Lennox and Mitsubishi Electric.

7 Reasons you need a high split system

1. Temperature Control Comfort

A split system is great for defined areas because you are able to control the temperature of each individual room. With more controlled temperatures, there are less arguments in your household as to what the thermostat should read. A high wall split system allows you to cool only the rooms you are using, therefore you can cool different parts of the house at different times.

2. Improved Comfort with New Technology

One of the greatest advantages to having a high wall split system is that it comes with air technology to improve the comfort of your home. With technology like Actron Air’s Follow Me, a high wall split system can offer an even dispersion of cool air and regulate air control so you are comfortable even on the hottest days of the Australian summer.

3. Designed for Efficiency

A split system is designed for enclosed spaces but is also energy efficient. Split systems are built with an inverter compressor and intelligent standby to improve the airflow of the room it is servicing. It means your high wall system changes the speed of air flow to control the climate and uses 30-50% less energy than other cooling systems available.

4. It’s Quiet

When considering air conditioning one of the key factors is how much noise it will make as no one likes a loud air conditioner. You will barely notice a high wall split system as it operates at 19dB which is less than the sound than rustling leaves.

5. Year Round Usage

A split system is not just for air conditioning, but it can double as a heating system so you don’t need to install two air systems. With the reverse cycle function, changing your air conditioning from cool to warm is as simple as pressing a button.

6.Air Purification

The last thing you want in your home is dust and other build-ups. With a high wall split system, they come with a two step filtration system which eliminates stale air. This is great for people with allergens and asthma as it regulates dust and humidity and prevents the growth of mould.

7. Affordability

Our last reason for why you need a split system is because it is an affordable choice. The cost to install high wall split systems is significantly lower than other cooling systems and it can be installed in a day. You are also able to save money because you have more control over which rooms you are cooling.

Brands to consider

North West stock a range of high end and affordable brands to choose from below are just a few split systems to consider:

Have North West install your split system

If you are building a new home or looking to renovate, get in touch with our team. Choosing the right system takes time and we want to make sure you find one that not only suits your needs but is the best fit for your home. We can help you choose the right system for your home and we can install the system when it suits you.