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Breezeair Air Conditioners

Are you searching for innovative and economical air conditioning units that you can trust? At North West Air Conditioning we have drawn on our years of experience to provide our customers with the best air conditioning products currently on the Australian market. Long renowned for their efficiency and affordability Breezair units feature advanced technology and a range of unique and clever design features best suited for the Australian climate. Using adaptive technologies Breezair evaporative cooling help Geelong homes stay at a comfortable temperature.

Over their years of supplying comprehensive climate control options to Australians Breezair has created and innovated a number of exceptional technologies. Breezair’s Invertacool system cleverly manages power consumption and removes redundant cycles and sequences to conserve energy and keep fresh cool air pumping continuously through all rooms of your home.

Breezair Evaporative Cooling Geelong

At North West Airconditioning we understand the importance of providing our customers with access to reliable, powerful, and environmentally-conscious air conditioning products. Utilising refrigerated systems with inverter technology conventional Breezair air conditioning units use less electricity than those without inverters, but still use more electricity than their evaporative air conditioners. By using the latest in evaporative technology Breezair evaporative cooling units can effectively cool the whole house with minimal effort. To learn more about our range of superior Breezair evaporative cooling products Geelong homeowners can speak to our knowledgeable and reliable team.

At North West Airconditioning we strive to provide a comprehensive and reliable set of after-care services for your evaporative cooling units. From repair to regular maintenance our skilled and technical crew have the know-how to keep you air flowing.

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