Carbon Monoxide Testing for Rental Providers [New Rental Rules 2021] 

On March 29, 2021, the Victorian Government updated the Rental Tenancy Acts to better outline rental providers and tenants obligations, particularly when it came to gas safety and carbon monoxide testing.

New Legislation

Under the new legislation, the rental providers must ensure that a gas safety check is undertaken for all heating systems and appliances every two years. Following the safety check, rental providers will need to keep records of the checks and compliance certificates. One of the most important parts of this update is so these records can be requested by the tenants at any time.

One of the reasons gas safety should be a priority for rental providers is because there is potential for your tenants to be exposed to carbon monoxide if your gas appliances are not maintained.

Within a gas safety check, gasfitters must undertake a carbon monoxide spillage test, heat exchanger test and flue check. All of these are included in our ducted heating service.

What is a carbon monoxide spillage test? 

A carbon monoxide spillage test is taken after a negative pressure test to determine if there is enough ventilation and if the heating system is presenting a risk to a home. Gasfitters will place equipment where leakages can occur and test the environment for five minutes while the system is turning on. If spillage is detected then gasfitters will determine if it is due to ventilation or a system fault by switching fans off and operating the system at the highest speed. If spillage is not recorded during this time, additional ventilation would be required.

A carbon monoxide spillage test is one of the surest ways to determine if there is a fault with your system. If there is a detected fault, our team will disable the heating system and take appropriate action to ensure your tenants are not without a heating system for very long.

What is a flue check? 

Flues assist with the even distribution of warm air throughout the home. As it can be exposed to the outside environment it is subject to blockages, wear and tear and breakdowns. An annual flue check maintains the integrity of your flue and prevents potential fire hazards. They are also recommended, as gasfitters are able to pick up on minor issues within your heating system and prevent them from becoming bigger problems.

Why choose North West Heating and Cooling?

At North West, we have dedicated heating services specifically designed to meet the safety compliance needs outlined in the Rental Tenancy Agreement. Our gas ducted heating service includes:

  • Carbon Monoxide Test to ensure there are no CO leakages in your system.
  • Flue Check to make sure there is no build-up or blockages so your air can flow normally.
  • Heat Exchangers Checks for internal and external damage that affect the performance of the heating system.
  • Fan Cleaning to remove debris.
  • Checking for wear and tear on the thermostat, air filters, hoses and gas pressure.
  • Cleaning the Burners to remove any residue that may be a fire hazard or electrical risk.
  • Checking external areas for gas leaks.

It is our recommendation that heating systems are serviced every year to improve their lifespan and remedy small issues that could become bigger problems in the future. All of our services are completed by qualified gas fitters and come with a written report and a certificate of compliance. If you are in need of a heating service check, do not hesitate to get in touch.