Common mistakes with your air conditioner that increase your electricity bills

Summer cooling is a necessity for many homes and workplaces across the country as the weather heats up. While many are able to enjoy the relief an air conditioner can provide, many  Australian families are still associating air conditioners as a luxury they cannot afford. Increased electricity bills are a contributing factor in the doubts hard working families have toward installing an air conditioner, however, we want to ensure you are fully informed on your air conditioner service as we believe all Australian families deserve relief from the summer heat. These are common mistakes with your air conditioner that increase your energy bills:

The Wrong Sized Air Conditioner:

Choosing the correct sized air conditioner for your home is vital in ensuring you are able to make the most of a cooling system in your home and receive the appropriate service. Air conditioning units that are too small for your home will need to run more frequently, further increasing your electricity bills and placing pressure on the system over time. This pressure reduces your units operating time which will be costly in the long run. An air conditioner that is too large may also have its operating life affected as it can cool an area too quickly without removing the air’s humidity. This can lead to the system turning off and on swiftly, which is not how your air conditioner is designed to run.

Not Cleaning Filters:

It is the job of the air filters in your air conditioner to remove the dust and allergens from the air. These need to be cleaned regularly to function efficiently. Clean air filters effectively increase the service your air conditioner can provide for you, as well as potentially reduce your systems energy consumption. Many systems are able to be washed and reused, further cutting your energy costs. The location and removal instructions of your filters will be in your owner’s manual.

No Routine Maintenance:

Routine maintenance extends your air conditioner systems operating life and ensures it is running at its best. Checking your unit before the weather heats up is an optimal time to ensure you are prepared for summer. Check that the fans are running smoothly without any suspicious noise and that there are no blockages. It is also important to look out for signs of corrosion on the electrical connections, rust on the equipment or damages that may have occurred. For optimal conditions, ensure the seals on windows and doors are also in working order.

Not Getting Serviced:

Scheduling a routine air conditioner service with a skilled technician is recommended to identify any problems that could potentially escalate and disrupt the functioning of your air conditioner. They will check for problems with corrosion or electrical components, as well as inspect the moving parts of your system. Ensuring your air conditioner is regularly serviced can work out to be more affordable than the costs of an emergency repair.

How Northwest Heating & Cooling Can Help You Out:

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