Costs to Running Your Cooling System

When installing a cooling system there is lots to think about and one of the last things that often comes to mind is how much it costs, or what it will cost after being installed. By not considering how much it will cost you may be paying too much for your cooling or you may have chosen the wrong type of cooling system for your home. At North West Heating and Cooling, we install and service ducted and evaporative cooling systems and our consultants can provide you with the best cooling solution for your home.

It’s a big investment so it is important to understand what it will cost to run your cooling system. This blog delves into the pros and cons of running a ducted system, an evaporative cooling system, and fans.

Before you decide what type of cooling system, some things to consider are:

  • Efficiency: Having an efficient cooling system often will come at a higher price but will save you money in the long run.
  • Practicality: Your system will need to tick all of the boxes. Make a list of and consider what do I want in a cooling system?
  • Reliability: A ducted or evaporative cooling system should be able to serve you for decades and continue to make your home as comfortable as it did on day 1.
  • Fan Speed: Consider cooling systems that have variable speed options so you can slow the fans down once your home has reached maximum cooling instead of switching it off.
  • Size and Thickness: Some cooling systems may not be compatible with your home because of its size so it’s important to rule them out. You should also consider the thickness of your cooling pads as the thicker the pads the more likely it can reach maximum cooling.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is one of the most expensive cooling system options because it often is designed to treat the whole house at once. On average an Australian home spends between $195 and $315* on a ducted cooling system each year but it can be a lot more if the air conditioner is the wrong size or not properly maintained.

For a small home, this is a great cooling option as it will comfortably cool your home. It can also be a great option if you live in a state like Victoria where it varies in temperature during the summer. If you have opted for a ducted air conditioning system some things to consider include:

Split system?

Split systems, also referred to as zoning, allows you to cool parts of your home instead of the whole house and when designed correctly can reduce the running cost of your air conditioning.

When to turn your air conditioning on

Air conditioning works the best when the room is at a cooler temperature and when you are not already experiencing the Australian heat. Some ways to improve the efficiency of your ducted air conditioning include closing the curtains during the hottest part of the day and turning your A/C on before it gets too hot.

Your Thermostat

Constantly adjusting the thermostat to the coolest temperature can be running up your energy bill as your air conditioning begins to overwork itself. Instead, consider adjusting the temperature to a comfortable setting such as 21℃.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one of the cheapest cooling systems to run but are generally more effective when combined with another cooling system such as evaporative cooling. On average ceiling fans in an Australian home can cost between $25 and $55 per year*.

One of the biggest advantages to a ceiling fan is they can help make the room feel cooler just by moving the air. However, they don’t protect you against heatwave temperatures. Ceiling fans are also often limited by where they can be placed and you will need a few of them to service your whole home. When you have a few of them it can get quite noisy in your home and often is more beneficial to consider ducted or evaporative cooling than to install five ceiling fans.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling is not only the most sustainable type of cooling but is also one of the cheapest cooling systems to run. This is because it is naturally evaporating the warm air and so you really are only running a fan. On average an Australian home spends between $35 and $80 on evaporative cooling each year*. There are so many reasons why you should consider an evaporative cooling system here are just a few:

Helping the environment

By choosing an evaporative cooler, you are significantly reducing the amount of harmful gases your home produces and saving money on your energy bill.

Cheaper to install and service

Many people don’t realise but evaporative cooling is cheaper to install and service because it is a simple system and there are not as many components as a ducted air conditioning system. It even provides a better air quality and more comfortable temperatures than most ducted cooling systems.

Natural evaporation means fewer allergens

In a dusty and sometimes humid environment like Victoria, evaporative cooling is the best cooling option because it filters out all of the dust and other allergens. This means that during the spring when you first turn on your evaporative cooling system you won’t experience hay fever-like symptoms in your home.

North West are Cooling Specialists

North West Heating and Cooling can provide you with the right solution and cooling system when you are considering cooling your home during an Australian summer. Our team are dedicated professionals who service and install cooling systems to the Geelong region every day. If you are considering installing a cooling system this summer, get in touch with us by calling (03) 5277 1111.

*All averages have been collated from Sustainability Victoria.