Ducted Air Conditioning: Adding value to your next home build

Value additions help sell a home for the best price. As an owner-builder, you are often looking to maximise your resale value or increase your rental income. Considering ducted air conditioning in the design phase of your home build will pay off in the long run and it will also vastly improve the level of comfort for you or your tenants.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is an air conditioning system hidden in your roof. It will deliver cool air through insulated ducts to multiple rooms in your home. Unlike some cooling systems, ducted air conditioning can be controlled from the one central panel. The reverse cycle option can produce warm air to heat your home in the winter months.

Why is ducted air conditioning better than other cooling systems?

They save you money

Ducted air conditioning can seem like an expensive initial outlay compared to other cooling systems due to the higher installation price. However, ducted systems often come with inverter technology that will keep your room comfortable and switch off automatically when it has reached the desired temperature. Some systems also come with a zoning feature allowing you to only cool the sections of your home that you are using which saves on running costs. One central control system allows you to manage ducted air conditioning throughout the house, unlike other cooling systems which you have to turn off manually in multiple rooms.

They’re long-lasting

One of the biggest benefits to installing a ducted air conditioning system in your next build is that they can last longer than 10 years if serviced regularly. After installing, our cooling team recommends having your cooling system serviced annually to make sure it is clean and pick up on the potential issues before they become fire hazards.

Easy to use

Using a ducted air conditioning system can be as easy as switching it on and off but most systems also come with presets so you are able to set and forget it. Some systems even come with an app where you can use wifi connections to turn your air conditioning on and off, so you can make sure your home is cool before you get home.

Climate control through zoning

The biggest benefit to ducted air conditioning is climate control which means you are able to control the temperature of all rooms of your home. Zoning separates your home into sections such as bedroom, entrance and living. One climate control technique we often see is making the entrance of the home colder and gradually reducing to a more comfortable temperature, so on the hot summer days you walk into your home feeling refreshed.

How does it add value to your next build?

There are many reasons why you should consider ducted air conditioning systems when building a home some of them include:

It’s the most popular air conditioning system: when buyers or renters are looking for homes they want the best and so they look for homes with ducted air conditioning. More often than not they are even prepared to pay a bit more for a home with a ducted system. In particular in Victoria, buyers will often look for homes with a reverse ducted air conditioning system because the Melbourne weather tends to flip from very hot to very cold.

It’s aesthetically pleasing: As there are no visible bulky overheads, ducted air conditioning systems are often considered more luxurious and high end compared to other systems. It’s a good investment for builders, particularly in prominent areas, as buyers are more likely to pay more for something that looks nicer.

It modernises the home: New ducted air conditioning systems often have wifi connectivity and can connect to smart home systems such as Google Home. This means you will potentially be able to control the lighting, sound and temperature of your home from one system.

Homebuyers are increasingly becoming concerned for the environment:  As more and more buyers become aware of climate risks, they probably will become more turned off by other energy-sucking air conditioning options. By installing ducted air conditioning you can increase the number of potential buyers interested in your finished home.

More affordable cooling solution: Within big spaces and multi-level houses, having multiple split systems running can be very expensive. Homebuyers looking for open plan houses or multi-storey homes will often prefer ducted air conditioning and be willing to pay more for these systems. Ducted air conditioning is better for these houses as it can be placed in the right spot on the roof to maximise air control and maintain comfortable temperatures.

When to get North West involved?

Get North West involved in the design phase. As a builder you can be liable for any damages when installing an air conditioning system on your own, whereas a professional air conditioner service such as North West can help you identify where your ducted system will best fit within your home design. There are lots of things to consider such as the size of your air conditioning system, where the ducts will go and what brands will work best for your next home. But we don’t just offer consultation – we will also source and install your ducted air conditioning system correctly so you won’t have to worry about future complications.

If you are building a home in 2021, get in contact with our team at North West Heating and Cooling.