Energy Efficient Heating: how to keep your house warm and energy bills down

Heating your entire house during winter can become expensive and is one of the many reasons why people delay purchasing heating in Australia. However, you shouldn’t have to suffer through the cold or need to put on 100s of layers of clothing just to stay warm in winter. There are many energy-efficient heating systems and options. At Northwest Heating and Cooling, our team of specialists can help you assess and install the right type of energy-efficient heating system for your home

While there are many heating systems to choose from here are some helpful ways to continue keeping your energy bill low in the winter. 

Use Your Curtains

Curtains enable you to utilise natural lighting to keep your house comfortable.  Windows are known culprits for letting heat escape from your house, which is why thick curtains and day-night blinds are really effective in the winter. By opening your curtains or blinds during the day, you can let the sunshine in and provide natural lighting to your house. When it gets darker or you turn the heating on, curtains are a great way to trap the air inside the house, keeping your family warm and your winter energy bills low. 

Use Timers 

Don’t have your heating system running all night or all day, it’s not good for the air system’s health and will definitely increase your energy bill. Instead, choose a system that has a timer built-in and schedule your heater to turn on just before you get up and when you need it most during the night.  Not only will your energy bill appreciate it but so will your family as they won’t even notice the heating has been switched off overnight. 

Turn the Thermostat Down

While it may be very comfortable having your heating at 23℃, it could also be helping your energy bill increase to an uncomfortable level. At Northwest, we recommend dropping your temperature down to 20℃ and using timers like recommended above because it will still keep your house at a comfortable temperature and the energy bill will have significantly lowered. 

Choose the Right Size Heating System

The most common issue that people have with heating systems is that they often buy something too big and it costs them a lot to run. At Northwest Heating and Cooling, we take you through a range of options and help you come up with a heating system and solution for your home’s needs. You don’t even have to heat your whole house, you can choose which rooms need heating the most and energy-saving heaters to make the most out of your heating system. If you choose the right size heating system, heating your home won’t break the bank.  

Use Rugs and Blankets

If you are trying to save costs on your energy bill during winter instead of switching the heating off, cover hardwood floors and tiled areas and have plenty of blankets available for your family. Hardwood and tiles areas are one of the biggest culprits to keeping your house cool, which is great in the summer and not so great in the winter. So in the winter months, we suggest rolling out a rug for some of your larger tiled areas to make sure that the floors don’t suck all the heat away.  Rugs will also stop you and your family from experiencing the cold tiles in the morning or night and feeling the need to adjust the heating. 

If you have been sitting down for a while chances are you shivered and all of a sudden feel cold. We know how tempting it is to want to turn the heating up, but if you are trying to save some money instead of turning the heating up, grab a blanket and wrap yourself in it, you will feel warmer in no time. 

Have a professional look at your system

If your heating system is gas ducted or a split system, remember that it needs to be checked once a year to be working most efficiently. Additionally, a North West professional can check that your home is insulated correctly and provide you with a service report. 

If you need your heating system serviced, or you are considering installing a heater, get in touch with North West Heating and Cooling and book an appointment today.