Energy Efficient Heating SystemsThere are many types of heating systems available and choosing the right system depends on factors such as the size of the area to be heated and your household budget. As a household’s energy consumption for a decade or more can be locked in by the purchase of an appliance it is important to select the right size and heating type for your needs and room sizes.

Establish which areas of your home need to be heated, how large the areas are and how long you need to heat the areas for.

Don’t expect a small heater to heat a large area. It is unlikely to reach a comfortable temperature, making running costs unnecessarily high without providing adequate heat. Similarly, try not to use a large heater when only a small area needs heating. If only one small area of a centrally heated home is to be used, it may be cheaper to use a portable heater for a short time, or even invest in a small space heater, than to unnecessarily heat the whole house. Smarter choice – save energy, water and money.