Getting your Gas-Heater Serviced for Winter

Now is the most important time to get your ducted gas heater serviced by the North West Heating and Cooling team because it is almost winter and you probably don’t want it to break down in the middle of a cold wintery night. 

We have been in the heating and cooling industry for several years now and are licensed in performing air system services. However, two of the most frequently asked questions we get are: What is included in a gas heater service, and why do I need to service my heater? 

What is included in a gas heater service?

In our Gas Heater Service we include: 

  • Carbon monoxide test to ensure that you and your family are not exposed to the odourless and deadly greenhouse gas.
  • Flue Check so clean and fresh air can continue flowing throughout your home.
  • Checking Heat Exchangers for internal and external damage that may affect the performance of your heater 
  • Clean the fans to remove the debris that has been collected over the summer (you can do this yourself as well)
  • Check thermostat, air filters, hoses, gas pressure for wear and tear, holes, looseness and to ensure that your heater is performing optimally. 
  • Clean Burners to remove any residue that may be a fire hazard or electrical risk. 
  • Check external areas for discolouration and wear and tear to ensure there are no gas leaks or other underlying issues. 
  • Replace pilot injector and thermocouple (if required) to prevent fire hazards, maintain the life span of your heater and help it perform optimally. 
  • Provide you with a Written Report. It’s important to us that you have the correct documentation of the work that has been undertaken and that you understand it, so you have a reasonable knowledge of the history of your gas ducted heater.

Why do you need to service your gas heater?

There are several reasons why you should maintain the health of your heater and get it serviced regularly. One of the most important reasons to get it serviced was the focus of our last article, to ensure that there is no lingering carbon monoxide.  Here are a few more important reasons to consider getting your heater serviced this month. 

It Will Keep Your Energy Bill Low

If your gas heater has small cracks, a blockage or a loose connection, it may be increasing your energy bill as it tries to produce the same output. By getting it serviced by a heating system professional, you are ensuring your heater is running efficiently and isn’t racking up your energy bill. 

Extends Life Span

By catching heating issues early on such as a minor blockage and fixing them, you are making sure your heater is performing optimally. Additionally, our team will be able to discuss with you how you use your heater, what purpose your heater serves and when it may need to be replaced. Knowing when it needs to be replaced and serviced means that this is not an unexpected cost later on so you can plan and save for it, maybe even upgrade the system. 

Pilot Light 

The pilot light is one of the most important features to your heater as it helps switch it on. If your heater is not serviced regularly your pilot light may blow out, may overheat, may break, pop out, make loud noises etc. and lead you to have further issues and a bad experience.  When we service your gas ducted heater, we check all the connections and ensure that the pilot light is working perfectly. 

The Health of Yourself and Family

Carbon monoxide is just one factor that may affect your family’s health if you do not get your heater serviced. By not getting your heater repaired, you are risking exposing yourself and others in your household to harmful debris and soot that can have health impacts. 

Staying Warm this Winter

You probably don’t want your gas ducted heater to stop working during the middle of a wintery Melbourne night, so you should get it serviced before you turn it on and need to start using it this winter. By getting it serviced early, you will have peace of mind that you will be warm all through winter even if you have to use it more because of restrictions. 

So if you need your gas ducted heater serviced call North West Heating and Cooling on (03) 5277 1111 and set an appointment.