Sygnal uses the latest capacity control technologies to extend the operating envelope of residential ducted systems to deliver an 80% increase in modulation.

Leaders in Temperature Control

Sygnal have been the leaders in residential multi-zone  temperature control systems since the mid 1990’s.

The 2016 product line-up represents the most sophisticated series of residential concealed ducted air-conditioning systems ever released.

Sygnal’s Connect control system sets a comfort target for each room, automatically manages airflow, and when combined with  Four Point Modulation technology reduces energy use by eliminating over processing.

Sygnal is the only manufacturer to utilise Four Point Modulation. Other leading brands modulate the refrigerant flow only,  during low load periods large quantities of processed air are bypassed through living areas to avoid system malfunction. This approach is low in capital cost but often results in the temperature of the indoor coil rising above the dew point of the air, resulting in a breakdown of the systems ability to remove moisture and control humidity within  the home.

At the core of every Sygnal system is a microprocessor driven control network providing a simple but informative interface for the home and advanced technical information for air-conditioning professionals.

When a Sygnal system is compared with other leading brands the difference is obvious. With 2 x the variable speed drives, 9 x the sensors and 12 x the computer processing power, Sygnal outperforms all competitor products. It is the superior intelligence within the Sygnal system that achieves the comfort target faster whilst using less energy than any of its competitors.