Every Australian should invest in gas ducted heating for their home as it is the surefire way to quickly and effectively heat up an entire house. With ducted heating everyone stays comfortable, even on those cold winter nights or icy mornings!

It is one of the most efficient and sustainable ways to warm up your home.

Benefits of gas ducted heating

There are lots of benefits to using Australia’s favourite choice for affordable heating:

  • Saving money through low running costs
  • Everyone is comfortable and can set their own temperature using zoning technology
  • Energy-efficient because it uses natural gas instead of electricity
  • Endless options as you can choose to install in your roof or floor
  • Even air distribution means there are no cold spots in your home
  • Aesthetically pleasing and visually unobtrusiveGas Ducted Heating


Choose North West Heating and Cooling

At North West, we are Geelong locals with years of experience installing and servicing gas ducted heating in homes. We can provide you with comprehensive heating solutions that not only suit your home, but that are energy efficient and fit your budget. If you are considering installing gas ducted heating in your home, get in touch!