How does a split system air conditioner work?

Split system installation is a great way to enable you to enjoy the comfort and relief needed throughout the stifling, hot summer months. While many Geelong customers will generally choose to install one or two units into their home, our qualified tradesmen are always on hand to offer you advice on the best models to suit the needs of you and your household. The split system air conditioner ensures your household stays cool and your comfort is effectively maintained. Both a split system air conditioner and split system heater are designed to reach desired temperatures promptly and at a much faster speed than conventional air conditioners. We have various models and combinations in our Geelong location to meet the clients wishes and budget constraints, inverter air conditioners are more affordable to run than older style units, making them the perfect addition to your home.

How Do Split Systems Work:

Split systems are connected by pipes and work by cooling or heating one area of your home. Called a split system air conditioner because of these units having to have an interior and exterior part in order to run, their efficiency is next to none.

An interior wall mounted unit releases refreshing, cool air into the room and an exterior unit is used to dissolve the heat present in the cooled down room. This is designed to keep the cool air inside and the warm air out. A split system air conditioner has the benefit of significantly lowering running costs, making it a more affordable and reachable option for hard working families. Temperature control is better managed through the use of a split system, resulting in a more refreshed and comfortable environment.     

Installation Process:

Installing a split system air conditioner can be the most easy and simple process. With little distraction to your day to day tasks, experts are able to swiftly install split systems and have your home set up and ready to go. First, simply find out what model is right for your home by contacting a reliable air conditioning expert. They will be able to advise you of the best option for your home, taking into consideration the size of the room, the layout, number of people who occupy the room, along with other relevant factors. Once you have the appropriate model for your home, your dealer will arrange an installation time and once installed, will observe that it runs in the correct order and meets the relevant Australian Standards. After this, you will be able to sit in the comfort of your home and experience the pleasant cooling of a split system air conditioner.

How Northwest Heating and Cooling Can Help You:

Are you looking to find the right split system air conditioner for your home in preparation for the hot and uncomfortable Geelong summer months? Perhaps you are only in need of some professional advice or a recommendation? Northwest Heating and Cooling provides high quality service with split system installation in Geelong. Contact us today.