How to save on your heating this year

Reaching for the heater control button is what tends to drive up our winter bills. In Victoria’s cool climate especially, we tend to use more energy heating our homes rather than cooling them. Even if we just want to stay comfortable or maintain an even household temperature, this can add up when you are using it every day, or more likely, every night.

According to Origin Energy, the average Australian household has an energy cost divide that looks something like this for the month’s May through to September:

  • Heating and cooling: 40%
  • Appliances: 33%
  • Water heating: 21%
  • Lighting: 6%

To combat these additional costs in the winter months, and save on your following bills, we have come up with a range of easy tips.

Close your curtains

An oldie but a goodie. Closing your curtains when it gets dark, stormy or cloudy is a good way to trap heat in your home and prevent your heating system from overworking. When that rare winter sunshine comes out, open them to assist with heating your home, but pay attention to the Victorian weather spells. The most significant benefit of closing your curtains is that you can save up to 40% on your heating costs.

Invest in a snake

Not a live one, but a draught snake (aka draught stoppers). It is an inexpensive idea that will prevent air from escaping into the garage, outdoors or uncarpeted rooms that are likely to be colder, such as the laundry, kitchen or bathroom. By covering these doorways with a draught snake, your heating won’t be working as hard to maintain the thermostat temperature.

Lower the temperature and put on a sweater

When heating a home it does need to feel like a sauna – it doesn’t even need to feel like a warm day. It’s recommended that you keep your thermostat between 18-20°C during the day and at night time keeping it lower than 22°C if using it. Every degree lower, you set the thermostat you can save up to 10% on your heating bill.

Put your ceiling fan in reverse cycle mode

Heat rises and if you have invested in a ceiling fan to move air during the summer, chances are it comes with a reverse cycle switch that pushes hot air down in the winter. A reverse cycle fan can assist your heating system and keep your room at a more comfortable temperature for longer. For this to work, it is recommended to keep your fan on a low speed.

Clean your vents and filters

By now you probably have turned on your heating system at least once, but it is important to check the vents for dust and debris as this can affect the performance of your heating system. When you get time over the weekend, pick up a cloth and find a ladder and get into the internal vents to give them a quick wipe and afterwards, check outside to ensure there are no pesky animals, rubbish or vines blocking the outdoor ventilation system. Cleaning your heating system should be a part of a regularly scheduled part of your heater’s seasonal lifecycle.

Service or replace your heating system

One of the best ways to save on your heating bill is to have your heating system serviced annually to test for carbon monoxide and to keep it under warranty. By servicing your heating system, you can improve its lifespan, as technicians will pick up on any minor issues and repair them before your heater blows up or stops working randomly. These services help you save money on your winter heating costs, as they can ensure your heating system is performing optimally. If it is not up to our high-quality standards, North West technicians can repair or replace your heating system to ensure its efficacy and efficiency.

Need to get your heating system serviced?

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