Installing a Cooling System: What is Best for my Home?

Summertime is upon us and with summer comes the beautiful days and warm weather. Sometimes the temperatures can get a little too much, and that’s where we rely on cooling systems to cool down our houses to more comfortable levels. But if you don’t have a cooling system yet or have just moved into a new home, you may be overwhelmed with all the options available. At Northwest Heating and Cooling, we service and install all types of cooling systems and can provide advice on which one is right for your home. 

Types of Cooling Systems

There are three types of cooling systems commonly used in Victoria; evaporative cooling, ducted split systems, and room split systems. Each system has its benefits and suits vastly different needs in a home. This blog will take you through the advantages of each cooling system to assist you in making your decision. 

Room Split System

A room split system is designed to efficiently cool a single room in your home. They are perfect for people who don’t want to cool their entire home and instead just want to cool their living room or bedroom. You can have multiple systems in your home that can be adjusted to different temperatures. So if one room is really sunny, you can make it colder, and if you are not using a room you can just switch that system off. One of the greatest advantages of these systems is that they handle extreme weather conditions well and can reach your desired room temperature quickly. 

These systems comprise of two units: a head unit and a compressor. The compressor is usually found outside in a place out of sight. While the head unit can be found in the room, you want to be cooled and is usually attached to a wall. 

This system is the most economical for small houses and apartments where people only use one to two rooms. By having a room split system in your home, you can choose where, when and how cold you want your spaces to be instead of having to cool your whole house all at once. 

Ducted Split Systems

Ducted split systems are the upgrade from room split systems that will cool your entire home.  Situated in your roof, these split systems often appear as vents instead of bulky head systems. As they are completely concealed, it often makes them a more attractive and aesthetically pleasing option for a cooling system. 

A ducted split system provides an even temperature throughout the home that can be controlled centrally by a thermostat.  Providing a consistent temperature throughout your home means you can enjoy all areas of your home comfortably during the summer. 

A ducted split system is also a long-lasting cooling system with an average life span of 10 years, but it does need to be serviced annually and professionally installed. It is most ideal to install a ducted system during new home builds or home renovations as it does take some time to install into your roof. But once installed, you won’t have to worry about the extreme summer days ever again. 

Evaporative Cooling System

An evaporative cooling system filters the hot outside air through water-soaked pads to provide fresh, cool air to your home. This cooling system provides cleaner air that is free of contaminants because it utilises the outside air instead of refrigeration units. 

An evaporative cooling system is also very attractive because it is environmentally friendly, cost-effective and energy-efficient. An evaporative cooling system only requires the use of a fan and water pump which mean you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint as you are producing less carbon dioxide. You also won’t see that spike in your energy bill come summertime because it uses fresh air and does not need to power refrigeration. 

Things to always consider when installing a cooling system

Size is everything

If a cooling system is too little it will overwork and is more likely to have issues further down the track. However, it can be costly to install a ducted system into your home when you only want to cool one or two rooms. So when considering a new cooling system, consider the rooms you need cooled and how often you use them.

Check the suitability

Not all cooling systems are compatible with all homes, so it is a good idea to check what your options are before you start looking at cooling systems. In particular, a ducted split system is not ideal for two storey home renovations as work needs to be completed between storeys. 

Servicing and Installation

Every cooling system needs to be installed by a professional, some cooling systems can only be installed during home renovations and builds as professionals require access to your roof and in between walls. Another factor to consider is servicing your cooling system. You should also plan to have your cooling system serviced regularly.

North West Cooling

If you are considering a new cooling system this summer, make sure to also consider who you want to install it. At Northwest Heating and Cooling we can provide comprehensive installations and servicing for your cooling system. So if you live in the Geelong area, give us a call before the heat sets in.