Installing Gas Ducted Systems in Your Home 

It’s that time already – winter is coming. You may have noticed the evening breeze or the fresher mornings. If you don’t have heating in your home it could be a very dreary winter. At Northwest, we recommend considering installing gas ducted heating.

What is Gas Ducted Heating?

Gas ducted heating is a single heating unit designed to heat up your entire home. Generally, the heater is installed outside or in the roof and uses a series of insulated ducts to distribute air throughout your home. Gas ducted heating uses a fan to draw in air from outside and then heats it with natural gas before distributing it to the ducts. Gas ducted heating is the preferred heating option for many Australian households as it is aesthetically pleasing and can discreetly change the temperature of your home.

The Benefits of Installing Gas Ducted Heating

  • More Efficient 

Gas ducted heating can be rated up to 6 stars on the energy efficiency ratings but more importantly, is efficient because you have greater control over room temperature and where the air is distributed. Zoning technology allows you to heat up sections of your home at chosen times and can even save you money in the long run as you will be spending less on the overall running costs.

  • Provides Comfort and Style

As it is installed in the roof, your new air system is barely noticeable to both yourself and any guests that enter your home. It also doesn’t make too much noise when heating up your home. This gives you the ability to heat your home quickly and quietly with the technology to control the temperature throughout the day or night.

  • Safe

With any gas appliances, there is a risk of being exposed to CO2 emissions. Gas ducted heaters are considerably safer than other gas appliances as they have a lower carbon emission and our licensed technicians will set a date to service your heating system annually. This ensures your system is in peak condition and continues to reduce your risk of being exposed to harmful emissions.

The Costs of Installing Gas Ducted Heating

Installing a gas ducted heating system can generally be more expensive than installing other systems. It can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. However, after this lump sum you will save money on the running costs of your new heating system.

The cost largely depends on the size of your home as we have to estimate the size and amount of ducts needed to distribute effective heating to your home. Dependent factors include your ceiling height and how many windows your home has, as they can also affect air distribution.

Why Should A Professional Install Your Heating System?

When installing your new gas ducted heating, Energy Safe Victoria requires by law that gas appliances are installed by a licensed technician. Prior to completion feel free to ask us about our licences but upon completion, you will receive certificates of compliance that can assure you that your appliance was installed correctly.

At Northwest, our technicians have years of experience in installing and servicing gas ducted systems and will be able to provide you with a detailed report when it is serviced.

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