Key causes of a faulty air conditioner

With the weather heating up and summer fast approaching, now would not be the ideal time for your air conditioner to prove faulty. When all you want is to find relief from the summer heat but you are left with a struggling air conditioner that fails to even cool down even just a partial part of your room, you know you are in trouble. It is recommended that air conditioners and cooling systems are regularly serviced or maintained by professionals to prevent any faults and increase their running life.

Common reasons your air conditioner isn’t working properly:


Your filter needs cleaning:

If your filter is dirty and clogged up with dirt and dust, it will not effectively disperse cool air into your room. If your air conditioner is in regular use, the filters should be replaced every month to prolong your unit’s quality and running life. Regular maintenance of filters can be done by yourself and will make a big difference in your air conditioners quality, as well as greatly reduce the chance of your cooling unit breaking down.

Your circuit breaker has broken:

If your air conditioner has broken down it is a good idea to check your circuit breaker first and foremost as this can be a common problem. It is important to leave your air conditioner to cool down before resetting the power. If it is still not working after you have reset the power, contact a qualified technician to resolve the fault.

Your air conditioner is constantly in use:

The warmer the weather, the harder your air conditioner will be working. Constant use of your air conditioner can lead to blown capacitors, overheating and tripped circuit breakers to name a few. You can minimise the use of your air cooling system by purchasing energy-efficient units, ensuring your windows are sealed, making use of your blinds to keep out the sun’s heat or using your ceiling fans in conjunction with your unit.

Your air conditioner is an old model:

Like all other electronics as time goes on and strain is placed on your air conditioner it will struggle to work. Which is why new models and units are constantly being made to fit effortlessly into the lifestyles of everyday people. If you have had your air conditioner for more than ten years old, it may be a good idea to consider replacing it with a modern unit.

Your air conditioner hasn’t been regularly serviced:

Regular maintenance and upkeep by a qualified technician is important to ensure your unit is working at optimal level and will have a longer running life. By undertaking regular checks with a reliable technician, any possible problems or faults can be spotted before they become bigger and more serious issues.

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