Long-term energy saving tips

With Australians becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact, we strive to make an effort where we can in regards to saving energy and lowering our energy bill costs. There are plenty of ways that energy consumption can be reduced and they can be as simple as making these small changes around the home.

Air drying clothes:

Understandably this can be quite difficult during the colder months. There is no better time than now to get into a habit of allowing clothes to air dry. Make the most of the warm sun and reap its natural benefits. Drying clothes in the fresh outdoor air will further save you money, energy and decrease your environmental impact. As well as this, drying your clothes under the sun encourages you to go outside. You can enjoy the therapeutic element of being the sun and breathing in the fresh air. Alongside this, you are saving yourself money and are cutting back your energy consumption.

Turn off those switches:

We know you’ve heard it all before, but this is the simplest way to cut down that energy bill. Turning off lights when you walk out of a room will make a vital difference to your energy usage. This may seem like a small change, but over time it does make a substantial difference. When and wherever possible, switch off any electronics and appliances that are not in use. You wouldn’t leave a blender still running after making a smoothie right? Or heat up a microwave with nothing in it? We can apply this thought to when we leave our lights on. Electronics that are sitting on standby are also culprits of energy consumption. Think about what does and doesn’t need to be on standby. Then you can decide where you can save yourself from unwanted energy consumption.

Light globes:

Just like turning off your wall switches, your light switches are just as important. Alongside your light switches, you can save energy right down to the individual globes you choose to have. Energy efficient bulbs are specifically made to lower unnecessary energy consumption and save you the extra cost that the non-energy efficient models can bring to your household bills. By installing the eco-friendly light globes you can save up to 80 per cent on your lighting costs.

Shut doors and curtains:

To cut down your energy usage and energy costs further, consider closing the doors to the rooms you are not using when heating or cooling a room. This keeps the comfortable temperature in and you won’t need to run your system for as long. Closing the curtains will shade you from the hot, blistering sun, and prevent the heat from streaming through the windows. During the winter months, ensuring your windows are properly sealed will prevent the warm air from escaping. You can start saving energy by making small changes around your home. These will all make significant changes to your energy bills and carbon footprint in the long run.on

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