When Should You Service your Refrigerated Air Conditioning System 

Air conditioning systems are the blessing of Australian summers, but the worst thing to happen is for your refrigeration system to break on the hottest day of the year. So it is a smart move to get it serviced by an air conditioning professional before the summer sets in. Even if your cooling system is a reverse cycle, it will still need to be serviced to ensure it can function throughout the summer.

At North West Heating and Cooling, we suggest servicing your cooling system once a year preferably before you want to use your air conditioning. A best practice is to schedule your air conditioning service six months from your gas ducted heating service.

Why should I service my refrigerated cooling system?

There are many benefits to servicing your refrigeration system some of them include:

  • Preserving the life of your cooling system: By having it serviced you are ensuring it is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Your air conditioning system should last upwards of 10 years if maintained properly and having it serviced by North West will ensure that it doesn’t break on you as it gets older.
  • Fix the little faults: Faults are easy to notice and if your air conditioning system is serviced regularly we will be able to pick up on changes in the air flow and pressure and fix them before your system breaks down on you.
  • You will save money: An efficient system can help you save money on your energy bills. Inefficient systems as they get older can be 40% more expensive than they should be. A regular service may be preventive maintenance but will save you the cost of replacing or repairing your system when it experiences a major fault.
  • By having a professional service your cooling system you are also provided with a health check of how your system is running, what to look out for and when parts may need replacing.

What can I do to keep my air conditioning system as healthy as possible?

If you own a refrigerated air conditioning system, there are a couple of housekeeping tasks you can do to keep your system in tip-top shape. They include:

Making sure the vents are clean

Every summer before you turn your refrigerated system on it’s important to check there is no debris, dust or dirt clogging up the vents. Cleaning your vents can prevent common air conditioning issues and ensure you are breathing in the cleanest air possible. Most cooling systems will only require you to run a cloth over the vents every six months to remove dust or debris.

Keep the outdoor unit clean

Your outdoor unit is exposed to all environments so it shouldn’t surprise you that it might have the odd leaf stuck in the unit. However, you should check on your outdoor unit regularly as blockages or leaks can affect the performance of your refrigerated system. Keeping it clean of dirt, leaves and other debris will ensure that your system is working efficiently.

Check and clean the air filters

The filters of your air conditioning system can be the cause of some of the most common cooling system issues. If left unchecked these filters can become clogged with dirt and make the air conditioning system work harder than it needs to, which means it will cost you more to run your cooling system. You should aim to clean them with a vacuum a couple of times a year but especially in spring right before you turn it on for summer.

When to call North West Heating and Cooling

While you should schedule for your refrigerated cooling system to be serviced annually other times to call North West Heating and Cooling are when major faults occur such as:

  • Strange noise when you turn it on for the first time: This can indicate there is a mechanical issue and if a smell is associated with this noise there may be a build up of mould in your system.
  • Reduced Air Flow: If cleaned regularly this can indicate that the compressor is in need of replacing.
  • Blowing Hot Air instead of Cool Air: This can mean there is something wrong with your refrigerant levels and it is best to get a professional to inspect it as soon as possible.
  • Unexpected Increase in Energy Bill: If your system isn’t functioning properly a clear sign you will notice is the increase in your energy bill.

What we do

During a North West service, you can expect our team to:

  • Clean the condenser and evaporator coils
  • Check refrigeration and pressure levels and repair refrigeration charge if needed
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Flush out the drains
  • Repair, clean and check ductwork
  • Inspect the unit including the motor, thermostat and blowers to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Get in Touch with North West

If you have a refrigerated air conditioning system get in touch with our team of professionals at North West and book in your service today. The sooner it is done, the sooner you can enjoy fresh and cool air throughout your home.