Servicing your gas ducted heater prior to winter

Why it is more important now than ever before to have your heater serviced prior to winter.

It’s autumn and in the spirit of it getting colder, here at North West Geelong we thought we would remind you the importance of having your gas heating appliances serviced before switching them on for the winter months.

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is a chemical composition made up of one part carbon and one part oxygen and unlike carbon dioxide, it’s extremely dangerous. Carbon monoxide comes from incomplete burning of carbon fuels such as gasoline and the heating oils found in your ducted gas heater or split system. In particular, carbon monoxide can be found in stagnant and enclosed areas such as your garage or kitchen, however, if areas are well aired it significantly reduces the lasting impacts of carbon monoxide in your home. If you use gas appliances at all, it is important to be taking carbon monoxide exposure into consideration this time of year as it has many similar symptoms to the flu.

How does carbon monoxide affect your body?

If carbon monoxide enters your body it will enter into your lungs and the bloodstream and attach to important red blood cells. It interferes by preventing these red blood cells from uptaking more oxygen and essentially starving your circulatory system.

Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms

Carbon monoxide poisoning may appear as serious cold and flu symptoms. With winter and flu season right around the corner, it is important that households that do have gas heating appliances get them serviced to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Tiredness and being easily fatigued
  • Headaches
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Chest Pain
  • Sore Throat
  • Feelings of Weakness

Carbon Monoxide Testing

There are two ways you can test for carbon monoxide. The first one is installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home similar to a smoke detector, however, this can sometimes be an unnecessary cost. The second option is to have a professional from North West Geelong perform a test in your home using certified mobile equipment, and this option can be much more affordable than installing a detector.

When should you consider carbon monoxide testing?

There are a few instances in which you should consider having your home tested for carbon monoxide. The most obvious one is if you have a gas ducted heater and have not had it serviced in the last 2 years. Servicing your gas heaters is important because you want to ensure that your heater is performing optimally and is not in a state where it could be a hazard, such as leaking carbon monoxide.  Other times you should consider having your house tested for carbon monoxide is when your home feels unnaturally humid and there is abnormal condensation in areas of your home. Unnatural humidity and condensation are two visible signs of carbon monoxide because it is a greenhouse gas that increases the overall temperature of its environment.  Finally, consider carbon monoxide testing if you have just started using your heating appliances in these winter months and you or someone in your household develops flu-like symptoms.

Why is servicing your gas appliances important?

Gas appliances like all appliances deteriorate with use and age, an important way to know the lifespan of your appliances including your gas ducted heaters is by getting them serviced. It is particularly important for gas ducted heaters because as they get old, or build up in debris in their filtration systems they may emit carbon monoxide. Debris or soot is easy to notice because it surrounds the ducts of your heating system. Before turning your heater on, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the ducts to make sure there is no debris present. However, if soot becomes a recurring issue make sure to call an air-conditioning professional as soon as possible. Blockages within your heating system may not be as easy to notice, hence why it’s important to get your gas ducted heater serviced.

Need to get a heater serviced?

At North West Geelong, we want to stress the importance of considering getting this service done soon, as the government may restrict our business in the coming months and we would like everyone in the Bellarine and Surf Coast district to have reliable heating. We are the best air conditioning professionals in Geelong and currently, we are offering a $250 Gas Ducted Heater Service or a $150 Detailed Carbon Monoxide Test to help people prepare for winter.  Our Detailed Carbon Monoxide Test includes an extensive 1-hour CO check following all ESV guidelines, a detailed report written and explained by one of our highly experienced air-conditioning professionals and a list of recommendations on how to maintain your gas appliances. Need to get your heater service before winter? Get in contact with us today!