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Heating & Cooling Servicing

North West Heating and Cooling provide homes across Geelong, the Surf Coast and Bellarine with high quality, thorough and attentive servicing to all heating and cooling systems.

Why Service Your Heating & Cooling?

It is recommended by manufacturers that heating and cooling systems are serviced every year to ensure they are performing efficiently and meeting the customers’ needs.  Nobody wants their system to be breaking down or not functioning correctly during the peak of winter or the hottest week in summer. North West Heating and Cooling provides regular and scheduled maintenance for your heating and cooling systems.

Heating System Services

Getting your heating system serviced before winter means you can be confident the heating system is in prime condition for winter. It ensures that any possible complications are identified and attended to before things turn to worse. It’s recommended you have your heating system serviced to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires. At North West Heating and Cooling, we provide you with comprehensive heating system services so you can be assured your heating system is functioning correctly.

Ducted Heating Service

Our Comprehensive Gas Ducted Heating Service for all Gas Heating System includes: 

  • Carbon Monoxide Test to ensure there is no CO leakages in your system
  • Flue Check to make sure there is no build-up or blockages so your air can flow normally. 
  • Heat Exchangers Checks for internal and external damage that affect the performance of the heating system. 
  • Fan Cleaning to remove debris
  • Checking for wear and tear on the thermostat, air filters, hoses, gas pressure
  • Cleaning the Burners to remove any residue that may be a fire hazard or electrical risk. 
  • Checking external areas for gas leaks
  • Replacing pilot injector and thermocouple (if required) to prevent fire hazards.
  • Providing you with a Written Report of what has been completed and how your system is performing.

Carbon Monoxide Test

We also perform extensive carbon monoxide testing on heating systems in homes to ensure there are no leaks and no CO spillages that could harm your family. 

Our 1-hour service includes:

  • Smoke Test for Negative Pressure Environments
  • Carbon Monoxide Spillage Test
  • Checking external areas for discolouration and wear and tear
  • Providing a Written Report and Explanation of what has been performed that contains recommendations on how to maintain your gas heating system.

Cooling System Service

Just like getting your heating serviced before winter, getting your cooling system before summer can ensure that it is in prime condition and will function properly throughout summer. A service is particularly important to cooling systems to make sure you are getting the most out of your cooling system. Not properly maintaining your air conditioner means that you can end up with a cooling system with a reduced running life, in turn decreasing the value of your investment.  A service is a preventative measure that will help you stay satisfied with your cooling system.

Evaporative Cooling Service

A full evaporative cooling system service includes:

  • Check and clean for algae, sediment build-up and fungus
  • Clean and check the quality of the filter pads
  • Adjust and clean the drain system
  • Lubricate the water pump
  • Clean and flush the water distribution system
  • Adjust, check and lubricate the fan motor and components
  • Check water outlet system including solenoid and float valves
  • Check all electrical and water connections
  • Disinfect water system
  • Check overall system operation

Our work is warranty-approved with labour guaranteed for ONE month after our visit.


General Servicing 

If your heating or cooling system is not listed here, you’ll be pleased to know we service all heating and cooling systems in Geelong and surrounding areas. At North West, we provide high quality and prompt service when you need it. Our technicians are experienced professionals who are able to identify and resolve issues and offer knowledgeable advice and feedback on how to maintain your system. If your heating or cooling system needs to be serviced do not hesitate to get in contact with us by calling (03) 5277 1111 or filling out this form.

Diagnosis Service starting at $250

A diagnosis service is perfect for the homeowners that are trying to prevent a major breakdown or do not know what is wrong with their system. In this service, our team runs through an extensive checklist of common issues and parts to check over. If any issues are found our technicians will repair your system and provide you with a detailed report of what work was completed.

Additional Systems

If you have more than one system that requires a service, a $50 discount will be applied for each additional system. For example: 

  • Two systems will start at $450
  • Three Systems at $650 
  • Four Systems at $850

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Call us for an obligation free quote from one of our experienced heating and cooling consultants.

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