The Benefits of Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Hesitations that customers have about buying a heating or cooling system is not only the rise in energy costs, but their environmental impact. The world is rapidly growing environmentally conscious and suitable energy efficient air conditioning is available to accommodate this movement. Investing in energy efficient models is an effective way to cut back on your carbon footprint and unnecessary running costs.

What are energy efficient air conditioners?

Energy efficient air conditioners are designed to prevent energy wastage and help you cut back on your energy consumption. In assistance to using energy efficient air conditioning, it is also important to look at ways you can further assist cutting back your energy bill and consumption, this can include regular servicing and maintenance, as well as comparing the energy rating labels. The more stars on a label the better, as this signifies you’ve chosen a system that is cheaper to run and is eco-friendly.

Different Types of Air Conditioners:

Due to the cheaper running costs, the most energy efficient air conditioning systems are ducted systems. A ducted system works by connecting several rooms to a central fan and consumers are still able to control the individual units in each room. While it may seem costly upon payment of installation, the running costs work out to be a cheaper option for your family compared to other systems available. Split systems are able to provide energy efficient benefits for small and medium sized spaces. These are affordable to install and use inverter technology that makes it easier to maintain an appropriate temperature and avoid wasting energy.

How They Save Money:

With the correct energy efficient air conditioner, your system will not have to work too hard to provide you with your desired, comfortable environment. Many systems have timers and energy saver settings that turn the unit on and off when necessary. This contributes to saving you money on your energy bill.


How They Are Good For The Environment:

Energy efficient air conditioning is an optimal choice for your home cooling. It uses less energy than other systems which reduces reliance of energy from carbon-intensive power plants, in turn lowering their high level of emissions.


How Northwest Heating & Cooling Can Help You:

If you are proactive in making a difference and want to know more about how you can become more energy efficient, get in touch with Northwest Heating & Cooling Geelong. One of our friendly consultants will assist you in ensuring you make the best choices for your home.