Understanding How Gas Ducted Heating Works

Ducted gas heating systems are widely relied upon to heat up homes. These systems are highly efficient, and they are able to instantly heat up a room, no matter how low the outside temperature dips. Here is how gas ducted heating works, and why it is advantageous to install one in your home.

The components of a gas ducted heating system

Ducted heating systems take in cold air, heat the air up, and pump it into various rooms in the house. The components of a ducted heating system include a core central heating unit, a thermostat for controlling the temperature, grilles, vents for bringing air to the heater, and insulated ducts for transporting heated air into the rooms. If one or more of these components is missing, the ducted heating system won’t function properly.

How gas ducted heating works

Unlike other heating systems, ducted gas heating allows you to use just one single heating unit to heat up the entire house. Usually, the central heating unit is either installed outside the house or in the roof space within the house, and it is connected to different rooms using a network of ducts. The ducts end in outlets that are located on the floors or the ceilings of the rooms that are to be heated.

The air is drawn in by a fan and heated in the central heating unit using heaters that are powered by natural gas. The heater can be in form of a reverse cycle conditioner or a large gas furnace. The air is then forced through ducts which are heavily insulated to reduce heat loss. The heated air then goes through the duct outlets into the open space, heating up the room. The air in the room is collected into a return air grille, and it is recirculated back to the heater through the vents. The air is reheated before being pushed back again into the room. This ensures that the temperature in the room remains unaffected by outside temperatures.

Advantages of gas ducted heating

The ducted gas heating system allows you the flexibility to heat a specific room in the house or to set different temperatures for different rooms. The ducted gas heating system is also highly efficient. It allows you to use natural gas rather than electricity to heat your home, which reduces your energy costs and carbon footprint. With a gas ducted heating system, you can enjoy staying in a warm and cosy home during a cold winter’s night without worrying about getting a massive electricity bill.

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