Ways to Maintain Your Air System  [Guide to Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit]

Cleaning your air conditioning system may not be something you think about frequently but it is something you should consider doing once a year and the best time to do it is springtime. Spring is the best time to clean your air conditioning system because we often start using it more heavily as the weather starts to warm up.

You should service your air conditioning in spring so it can begin to produce clean allergen-free air and you can inspect it for any issues before summer sets in. By having it serviced before you need it you can be assured it will be working properly all summer long.

4 Ways You Can Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Besides booking it in for an annual service, there are some ways you can safely clean and maintain your air system.

1. Vacuum the vents with a soft-bristled brush

It is natural for anything that is not used for a period of time to collect dust, even air conditioning systems. However, dust and debris can have more serious impacts than causing a coughing fit the first time you turn on your air conditioning. Dust and debris can block your filters and affect the performance and output of your air conditioning system. By making it work harder it is more susceptible to breaking down. You can maintain it by vacuuming the exterior vents with a soft-bristled brush or wiping them down with a damp cloth and Spray N Wipe if necessary. As a best practice, we recommend doing this before you turn it on and as you enter the winter months.

2. Clear Space Surrounding Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is not a great storage place. In fact “storage” can affect the airflow and efficiency of your system and creates a greater risk of animal damage. The outdoor unit plays a vital role in drawing in air and compressing the air to be clean and fresh for your home. When things are placed on it, in front of it or around it restricts the airflow, the outdoor unit must work harder and is more likely to build up debris.  Additionally, when things are placed on it or around it, it becomes a great hideout for feral animals and rodents which can lead to greater home damage. As a rule thumb, we recommend having a metre of clearance surrounding the outdoor unit.

3. Clearing the outdoor unit of leaves

The outdoor unit assists in drawing in air to your home and it is likely to be protected from the changing weather conditions. However if the space is not regularly cleaned or checked, a build-up of natural debris can occur causing the system to work harder to get cleaner air. Clearing the space of leaves is a good first step to keeping the outdoor unit clean, but you can also maintain your air conditioning system by wiping it down with a damp cloth and Spray and Wipe before it gets too hot. Despite wiping it down debris still might clog the internal compressor, so it is also always advisable to book in your annual service with North West Geelong.

4. Check Refrigerant Levels

If you turn your air conditioning system on and it isn’t functioning as well as you think it should, one of the first things you can check is the refrigerant levels. If refrigerant levels are low this can be why your air conditioning system is not performing. However, if they are not low and your system is still struggling to perform this indicates that there is potentially a leak in the pipes and it is time to call a professional.

We recommend doing these things as you turn your air conditioning on for the first time to ensure optimal performance. As well as booking in your annual service before summer sets in.

A Professional Service Will

At North West all of our services include:

  • Disassemble the internal unit and clean with specific chemicals
  • Clean air outlets
  • Ensure the thermostat is functioning properly
  • Chips and Cracks in the fans
  • Cleaning the drain if blocked
  • Disinfect water system

This ensures that your system is running perfectly and we have maintained the lifespan of your system in a cost-effective manner.

Book yours today

Don’t wait until it is too late. Before you turn your system on for the summer give us a call and book in your annual service.