Why choose a new Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioner?

Creating a happy home environment can be as simple as keeping your surroundings cool in summer and warm in winter.  

This is where the Fujitsu Split System range stands out from its competitors as a superior choice for many Australians who are looking for excellence in design, high quality, reliability, energy efficiency and value for money with their heating and cooling.

Voted Australia’s Favourite Air® in the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand in the Air Conditioning category in 2019 the Fujitsu brand continues to provide a great selection of cost-saving split system units for every zone in your home.  

Backed by years of research in developing market-leading reverse cycle (split system) air conditioning, it is easy to see why Fujitsu is the first choice for year-round comfort in Australian homes for form and function. 

Split systems are designed to heat or cool living spaces quickly and efficiently, delivering cool or warm air to specific zones in your home.  

As technology rapidly evolves, the new split system models are becoming more economical, operate with whisper-quiet efficiency and handle extreme temperature ranges.

Fujitsu Wall Mounted Split Systems

The Wall Mounted Split System is the most popular type of split system air-conditioning unit available.  With Fujitsu’s stylish, slimline designs, these units are made for single room use, quietly and efficiently cooling and heating your space. 

Fujitsu Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems 

A highly advanced style of air conditioning, a Multi-Split System uses one compact outdoor unit supporting up to six indoor units concurrently.  Each indoor unit can independently operate, and the system works just as efficiently regardless of how many units are in use.

Why we like Fujitsu

The team at North West Heating & Cooling choose to work with Fujitsu as based on our years of industry experience we know their products will stand the test of time.

There are many added benefits of installing a Fujitsu.

  • Energy-efficient features – much of the Fujitsu range comes with high-efficiency DC components, power diffusers and multi-path heat exchangers to reduce energy use by 30% 
  • Intelligent – Fujitsu has designed a human sensor that detects when you leave the room, switching the unit into energy-saving mode after 20 minutes. 
  • Easy to use – all Fujitsu air conditioners come with a simple controller with a huge range of features like low-noise mode, economy operation and program timers.
  • Research & Innovation – Fujitsu rigorously test each product before it leaves their development facilities. 
  • Latest Inbuilt technologies – Using the most advanced technology available to deliver high-quality performance in a sleek and modern design.
  • Simple Installations – Enjoy simple installations, a range of sizes and weights to suit your needs and high-quality air filters that combine oxidisation and ion reduction.

Find the right Fujitsu for your home 

The team at North West Heating and Cooling are experts in designing air conditioning solutions for homes and businesses across the greater Geelong region.  We do more than install; we work closely with you to custom fit a heating and cooling system for your unique requirements. Working with a wide range of brands and systems, we have 100% confidence in recommending Fujitsu to you. Arrange a visit with our skilled technicians today, or call us on (03) 5277 1111.