Why it’s a smart idea to get your evaporative cooling air conditioner serviced now

It pays to plan and beat the increased demand for repairs and maintenance that occurs in the middle of summer.

This will save you both on costs and any unplanned disruptions if your system need repairs unexpectedly; and keep you, your friends and family in cool comfort over the peak period of the hotter months.

By getting your evaporative cooler air conditioning annual service done during this less busy time of year you may also receive special offers on rates as an added benefit.

And, should you discover through the annual maintenance service your evaporative cooling systems requires an essential repair or a part replaced, making this repair in an off-peak time can be most cost-effective.

The benefits of an evaporative cooling system are widely known. They provide a natural option for cooling, they are affordable, environmentally friendly, safe for people with allergies and are energy efficient with low operating costs.

With all these quality features it makes perfect sense to protect your investment and have your evaporative cooling system serviced every year.

Why does my evaporative cooling air conditioner need an annual service?

When an evaporative cooling system is not running at its best it can unduly tax the system as it works harder in sub-optimum conditions to keep your home cool.

Did you know over the course of a year your evaporative cooling unit collects dust and pollens?  This causes dirt and grime to build up in the pumps and unit body, block filter pads and contribute to inefficient flows of water via the distribution system.

As an evaporative cooler has a warm and damp environment and if not maintained and cleaned regularly it may also become mouldy and breed unwanted bacteria.

All these elements, when neglected, and with-out preventative maintenance, can result in noticeably reduced cool air flow throughout the house and contribute to expensive repairs and increased energy costs.

In very extreme cases, a neglected and unmaintained evaporative cooling system can cause a house fire due to poor maintenance practices.

These types of fires are typically due an excessive build-up of dust and leaves in the system which can be easily prevented with an annual seasonal maintenance plan.

What does an evaporative cooling system service include?

Like most mechanical items in constant and regular use, your car for example, they require routine service and maintenance to maintain optimal performance and reduce unwanted malfunctions and repairs.

When you work with the service team at North West Heating & Cooling you are in good hands with one of one of our business owners, Scott Fuller, on the tools.  20 years’ experience ensures a high-level customer care and customer satisfaction when you book your service with us.

A full evaporative cooling system service includes:

  • Check and clean for algae, sediment build-up and fungus
  • Clean and check the quality of the filter pads
  • Adjust and clean the drain system
  • Lubricate the water pump
  • Clean and flush the water distribution system
  • Adjust, check and lubricate the fan motor and components
  • Check water outlet system including solenoid and float valves
  • Check all electrical and water connections
  • Disinfect water system
  • Check overall system operation

Our work is warranty approved with labour guaranteed for ONE month after our visit.

Booking your service is simple and easy

At North West Heating and Cooling we strive to provide a comprehensive and reliable set of after-care services for your evaporative cooling units.

From repair to regular maintenance our skilled and technical crew have the know-how to keep your cool air flowing.

Thanks to our broad range of experience and passion for all things air conditioning the team at North West Heating and Cooling are committed to providing the best evaporative cooling system service options for your home, office or commercial premises.

Call the team today to book in your service or a chat about how we can best help you.

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