Working with owner-builders on installing your heating

Building your own home may be your dream and as you know it can save a lot on fees. In Victoria, people who want to build their own home need to first apply to be an owner-builder. An owner-builder is responsible for undertaking and overseeing the build of a home you plan to live in for the next three years. This qualification is necessary and useful to have, however it does not cover every part of the build. You will still need to contract industry certified tradespeople to undertake plumbing and electrics. This includes installing your heating and cooling systems into your new home.

Luckily, North West Heating and Cooling aims to provide affordable heating and cooling solutions to all Geelong homes and have worked with owner-builders for many years. Here are just a few reasons why we should be your first choice.

We Create 6 Star Energy Homes 

In Australia, homes are valued by their energy efficiency and insulation, it is ultimately a measure of how comfortable your home is. With a 6 star home, you will feel refreshed in the summer and warm in the winter without breaking the bank. North West achieves this by working with our builders to provide energy-efficient heating solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and by exceeding recommendations from the Nationwide Housing Energy Rating Scheme (Nathers).

Go Beyond the Certificate of Compliance

When we install heating solutions, it is not just about providing you with a certificate that says it was installed by a professional. For us, it is providing you with resources to plan and build your home with effective heating solutions that suit the way you live. Our installation team stays up to date on all regulatory requirements and has advanced knowledge on airflow systems.

Pre-Quote Options Available

No owner-builder knows exactly what their home is going to look like when it is still in the design stage and that’s ok. If you are looking for an estimate to help with your budget, we can pre-quote over the phone or via email well before installation. This means you can effectively budget for built-in heating during the early stages of your planning.

We Work With You

It may seem obvious, but we want to reassure you that our team will work with you and other contractors to ensure there is minimal disruption to other areas of the build and that we are installing your new heating system at a time that suits you. For us, it’s not just about getting the job done right but meeting your individual requirements at every step.

Post-installation Maintenance

Your heating system is not a set and forget appliance. Ideally, it should be serviced every other year. At North West, we provide you with yearly services to check and clean your heating system for any abnormalities, blockages or build-ups. We also conduct carbon monoxide tests for gas ducted heating to ensure it isn’t leaking dangerous chemicals into your home. With any of our services, we will provide a certificate of compliance and fix any issues on the day.

Get in Touch Today!

If you are an owner-builder in Geelong, what are you waiting for? It’s almost winter so it is time to get your new heating system sorted. At North West, we promise to look after you and your new home. Get in touch with our team by filling out this enquiry form or give us a call on (03) 5277 1111.