All you need to know about evaporative cooling

As the warmer months are drawing upon us, now is the ideal time to consider an evaporative cooling system for your home or workplace. Be assured, the days of sitting in sticky and uncomfortable in the heat are over. While there are countless models of evaporative cooling on the market for you to consider, an evaporative cooling system aims to provide you with a pleasant Summer experience and enables you to carry out your day to day tasks with the relief from the warmer weathers high temperatures.

What is Evaporative cooling?

We can look at evaporative cooling as a process of eliminating heat through evaporation. These cooling systems fill your home with cool and refreshing air allowing you and your family to comfortably go about your day to day routine without the unpleasant distraction that dry heat can bring. An Australian summer doesn’t need to be uncomfortable and with the right evaporative cooling it won’t be.  

How does evaporative cooling work in your home?

Hot, dry outdoor air is drawn into the cooling unit and is filtered by being pushed through water soaked pads. As the air is pumped, the water evaporates and the heat is then absorbed. This lowers the air temperature and releases delightful, refreshing cool air into your home. When using your evaporative cooling system it is advised that you open a door or window to create air flow, ensuring fresh air is continually circulating throughout your home.

The Installation process

Evaporative cooling systems are situated on the roof of your house with ducts connecting to a series of outlets that run through to particular rooms (if not all) of your house to deliver refreshing, cool air into your home. As the cheapest form of ducted cooling across Melbourne suburbs due to its low running costs, using an evaporative cooling system means you can still leave your doors and windows open to ensure the recirculation of fresh air.

How Northwest Heating and Cooling Can Assist

Our team at Northwest Heating and Cooling Geelong are experts at providing assistance and installing the right air conditioning units for you and your family. With our experience and knowledge we can provide you with a trusted and reliable service that ensures you are given the opportunity to choose from a range of systems to suit your home’s cooling requirements. It is our mission to provide effective and efficient cooling solutions across the Geelong region in preparation for the warmer Australian months. If your home needs an evaporative cooling system, call us today for your obligation free quote.