Ducted split systems are able to deliver heating and cooling comfort to every room in your home. Whatever shape the room, ducted units create uniform temperature throughout. The unit is completely concealed, usually within a ceiling void. Cool or warm air is then ducted into each room through outlets positioned in the walls, floor or ceiling. The unit is easily controlled through a central controller to provide comfort throughout your house without leaving cool or hot spots.

Ducted Split Systems

New technology direct from Actron Air offers you the convenience of running your ducted split system remotely through your Apple iOS device or through supported web browsers from most smart phones, tablets or PC/Mac. Whether it’s a cold night or a hot summer day, you can now make your home or offce the perfect temperature before you get there. ActronConnect is also like a remote control at home. For example while sitting downstairs watching TV you can turn on the air conditioner in an upstairs bedroom – making it the perfect temperature for when you go up to sleep.