McMaster Floor Registers

  • Wide range – including new designs and finishes
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • All registers include fully adjustable dampers
  • ABS dampers that won’t rattle or rust
  • Recessed and hidden damper levers for clean lines.
  • High quality construction with durable finishes
  • Ideal for moist and wet environments
  • Steel construction available

Paltech Floor Registers

  • Updated design with new twin dampers for efficient air flow controls
  • Available in 20 decorator colours
  • Will withstand the roughest household wear and tear
  • Available in 2 sizes

Paltech Downjets

  • Jets warm air right down to the floor.
  • Easy to adjust damper control.
  • Substanital energy savings when compared to other ceiling defusers.
  • Total shut-off.

Paltech DirectAir Multi Directional Outlets

  • Contemporary styling
  • Heating or air-conditioning application
  • Less noise
  • Lower air resistance
  • The flexibility of delivering air where and when you wan

Paltech Colour Co-Ordinated Return Air Grilles

Vic Air Supplies

We use quality, flexible ductwork from Vic Air Supplies.  The ductwork comes with a 10 year warranty.