Causes of Uneven Heating in Ducted Heating Systems

You may have noticed that your ducted heating system works perfectly in certain rooms in the house, but other rooms never seem to get enough even heat. This problem is a lot more common than you might think, and it has several different causes. Let’s look at the most common causes of uneven heating, and what you can do to rectify the problem in each instance. 

Lack of adequate insulation 

If your ducted system lacks adequate insulation, or if the rooms in your house aren’t properly insulated, there is always the possibility of heat loss through the poorly insulated spots. The warm air from your heating system can escape, or cold air can seep in through the poorly insulated areas. You can have your house inspected to identify areas with weak insulation. 

A broken thermostat 

Broken thermostats can make ducted heating uneven. The thermostat controls the furnace and the heat pump, so if it is faulty, the rooms in your house could be heated inefficiently, and the room temperature will be uneven as a result. Thermostats can malfunction if the batteries aren’t working properly, if the sensors have become defective, or if there are issues with the wiring. Old thermostats tend to experience these issues more frequently, so you might have to update to a new programmable thermostat. 

Skipping routine maintenance

Failing to maintain your system properly can make the heating uneven. All heating and air conditioning systems have to be maintained regularly to prevent the breakdown of the furnace or the heat pump. There are very many mechanical parts that need to be checked regularly; filters can get clogged, heating coils and blower motors can get dirty, and belts can come undone. If any of these things happen, the efficiency of the heating system will be compromised, and the result will be uneven heating. Ducted heating systems have to undergo maintenance, and they should be inspected at least every 12 months. 

Leakages or blockages in the ducts 

Problems with the ducts can make your heating uneven. Ducts located on floors or ceilings may be blocked by furniture, and this interferes with air flow, hence the uneven temperature. Ducts made of cheap or old material can crack or get perforated; this causes warm air to leak out, causing a drop in temperature. Perforations can also bring in dust and debris that could accumulate over time and cause blockages in the air vents. 

Too small a furnace 

If your furnace is not properly sized for your house, it could turn out to be too small, and it would fail to produce enough heat, thus making your heating uneven. You have to ensure that your furnace is large enough to generate enough heat for your entire house. Sometimes the structure of your house could be the problem. Some houses have different heating needs that vary from room to room, and if you have a furnace that’s controlled by a single thermostat, it can be hard to get even heating throughout the house. 

If you have a system that produces uneven heating for any reason, contact the Northwest Air Conditioning service team and have the problem rectified immediately. If you ignore uneven heating, the problem could become more complex, and your whole heating system could fail, so quick action is required on your part.