What to Consider When Installing A Ducted System for a New Home 

Building a new home can be daunting. As an owner-builder, there is the added freedom to design a home to your liking but there is also the added responsibility of making sure your new home is up to par with the VBA building codes. An air conditioning and heating system may seem like an upgrade to your home that can be considered after it is built. But the earlier you start considering your air system, the more effective it will work in your home.

One of the most recommended solutions for new homes is a ducted system. This is a quick guide on what to consider when choosing a ducted system.

Why Choose Ducted?

Ducted systems have previously been given a bad name for being hard to work with and not be suitable for all homes. But if you are in the early stages of your build where you are still considering the design, a ducted system is an excellent choice for a number of reasons here are just five:

  1. Cools or heats the entire home
  2. Fast working; air starts flowing immediately
  3. Zoning technology means you can target different rooms at different times
  4. Aesthetically pleasing; there’s no bulky overheads attached to the walls.
  5. Energy-efficient, using only a third of the energy they produce

Questions to consider when installing your ducted system during a build

Is it the most economical solution for your house plans?

The size of your home and property is incredibly important in deciding if a ducted system is the right fit. Property dimensions ultimately determine the selling price of your home and any add ons need to utilise the space efficiently and effectively.

As an owner-builder, property size isn’t the only consideration you need to take into account; you will also need to consider ceiling height and the placement of your windows as they will affect the air distribution and how effective the ducted system will be.

Another factor that will affect your air distribution will be what your house is made out of and what direction it is facing. A house that is north facing sees more sunlight than other houses and if it has concrete floors without ducted air conditioning it is destined to become a hot box. Alternatively, a house that is west facing and in a temperament setting like Sydney may benefit more from ceiling fans or a single split system.

Where can a ducted system perform optimally?

A ducted system has an indoor and an outdoor unit and both need to be located in an ideal space where you will be able to maximise airflow. The outdoor unit preferably goes down the side of the house away from potential kids hands and in an area where it won’t disturb your neighbours too much. Where is the indoor unit is concealed in the roof, or potentially between storeys?

With your indoor unit, you will need to think about where to place it in your roof to maximise efficiency but you will also need to consider how much roof space you have as our team will need to install and service your system annually. If there is not enough roof space it can prove to be difficult for installers and may be placed in an area that won’t be effective for your home.

What is your budget for add-ons, in particular for air systems?

When building a home, air conditioning and heating are not usually considered in the build budget. They are considered potential add ons, that homeowners or builders can elect to install. Considering this add on earlier rather than later will save you time and money, as you can add the systems into your home design.

If you are looking to sell your property it is best to consider the property value and how much heating and cooling will add to your home. You will want to see a return on investment by installing these systems so you not only want the best solution but an affordable air conditioner or heating system for your home. At North West, we have a range of ducted systems to choose from that are well within anyone’s budget.

Why involve North West early on?

Involving a professional early on means there is less chance of error and maximum comfort for when you choose to live in your home. Our team can provide you with a consultation where we can plan your air system and quote effectively based on the plans we have provided you with.

Another benefit to giving us a call earlier is that our team can get up to 70% of the work done before you have plastered the walls. This way we only have to come back later to fix electrical works, install ducts and vents and set up zoning controls. This not only saves you time but also money in the long run as you don’t have to wait an extra day or two to move into your new home.

So if you are building a new home and are considering ducted heating or cooling give us a call and let’s get started creating a home air system for maximum comfort and efficiency.