Preventative Maintenance: Why does my evaporative cooling need a service? 

As it reaches the warmer months, and the sun begins to come out again, you may be considering turning on your evaporative cooling system. Before you turn it on though, it would be a good idea to book it in for an annual service with North West Heating and Cooling. 

Evaporative Cooling 

Evaporative Cooling is an attractive cooling system for most Australians because it is energy efficient and effectively keeps your home cool.  Evaporative cooling works by pushing hot air through water-soaked pads where it cools down and evaporates. This air is then distributed throughout your house and keeps your family feeling comfortable even on the hottest days. 

However, like any heating and cooling system, it requires maintenance to ensure it is functioning as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Why does an evaporative cooling system need servicing? 

Servicing your evaporative cooling system is a preventative measure from a more costly repair. Over time your system may experience wear and tear, blockages and system malfunctions if it is not regularly serviced and cleaned. This can affect the performance of your cooling system. 

Common issues that can occur are: 

  • Bacteria and mould
  • Water running off of your roof
  • External environment impacts
  • House fires 

Bacteria and Mould 

Your cooling system is a warm and wet environment, and it is the perfect environment for bacteria and mould to develop. The particles are able to grow in any part of your cooling system, including the filter pads. With a build-up of bacteria and mould in your cooling system, you and your family could intake harmful particles that make you sick. When a Northwest cooling specialist services your cooling system, they will clean every aspect of your system and ensure there is no build-up of bacteria. 

Water running out of the roof when the system is on

Your cooling system has a shutdown process which will release water onto the roof as the system is turned off. However, when your evaporative cooling system is turned on, it should not be leaking water on to your roof. Running water when the system is on is a telltale sign there is a system malfunction with your evaporative cooling. Regular maintenance of your system will help prevent this problem as a licensed technician can identify when parts need to be replaced or repaired to help keep your system running as efficiently as possible. 

External Environment Impacts

While the cooling systems are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, they can be impacted by the environment. One of the most common issues we see when our customers complain of reduced airflow is sediment build-up and fungus. Heavy winds can bring anything into your cooling system, and quite often they will be too big to process through the filter pads. Cleaning your cooling system can remove the sediment build-up, which may be affecting your airflow and ensure proper airflow throughout your home. 

Another environmental impact that can be affecting your cooling system is birds nests. Where your cooling system is located on your roof, can be the perfect location for a new nest. When left alone these nests can build and eventually block a part of the system, which reduces the intake of external air and affects your airflow. By having it serviced professionally every year, it can reduce the chance of birds nesting in and around your cooling system. 

House Fires

By not regularly servicing your evaporative cooling system, there is a greater risk of a house fire occurring. In 2017, ESV and the CFA released a statement that recommended everyone have their evaporative cooling system serviced after there were 6 house fires caused by a faulty evaporative cooling system in January. Regular maintenance ensures that repairs, adjustments and upgrades can be made. With a service, a North West Cooling specialist can check all of the parts of your cooling system and make sure your evaporative cooling system is running as efficiently and effectively as possible, removing the risk of a house fire. 

What does a service include? 

It is important to service your cooling system annually and here is a breakdown of what we do in a cooling system service and what we look for. 

Evaporative Cooling System Service

  • Check and clean for algae, sediment build-up and fungus
  • Clean and check the quality of the filter pads
  • Adjust and clean the drain system
  • Lubricate the water pump
  • Clean and flush the water distribution system
  • Adjust, check and lubricate the fan motor and components
  • Check water outlet system including solenoid and float valves
  • Check all electrical and water connections
  • Disinfect water system
  • Check overall system operation

Book in Now

An Evaporative Cooling System Service is preventative maintenance that is needed to ensure your system is working properly and remove the significantly larger costs that will occur if your cooling system breaks down. So before it gets too hot this spring, make sure to book your evaporative cooling system service in with North West Heating and Cooling. Our team can provide a comprehensive service and explain what has been completed to make sure you know how well your system is running. To get in contact with us call (03) 5277 1111.